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I was born in 1949. I was blessed with artistic talent and, from an early age, I started carving wood pieces and creating sculptures in chalkstone and pebbles, some of which I presented to community centers and charitable organizations.

After years of working in journalism and as an art critic, I decided to create unique and innovative works and to exhibit them to the public. I work in a range of materials, such as wooden Clothespins, marble, Beechwood and mahogany in sculpting, carving, pyrography, paint and stone, with the emphasis on details which, in themselves, are challenging.

I am always looking to challenge myself and employ new techniques in creating a range of uncompromising works and investing my all in the work. Occasionally, when a work does not live up to my expectations, I throw it away and start over. I always aim to achieve satisfaction and a sense of completeness with myself from the end result of every work.

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